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H2h Mission: To assist and support cancer patients with everyday challenges

Pete Binkewicz (left) – Founder of H2H

Pete has been an active fundraiser and board member for several organizations, including the World Renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute serving as Vice Chairman for the Marathon Challenge in 2012 and 2013. His experience and passion for fundraising began at age 5 when he went door to door selling raffle tickets, cups, greeting cards, car wash tickets, and countless other fundraising items for school and church organizations. For several years, Pete raised money for Alternatives Unlimited, an organization that assists adults with disabilities. In 12 years, Pete and his wife Julie, have raised nearly $250,000 for cancer research and development for the Cancer. His mission is simple: to improve the lives of cancer patients through financial support and simple assistance. It is his commitment to “pay it forward” to someone in need. Please join Pete in making a difference in cancer patients lives.

We recognize the many challenges cancer patients face outside of treatment, and their needs are wide ranging depending on their place in life. We know that some of the challenges for young adults are different than those of children and those who are a little older, yet none are any less difficult or less important. As we know firsthand, there are so many other issues and needs so H2H is there to help alleviate some of the burden.