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To submit a request, simply click on the "Submit Your Request" tab and answer the 8 questions.

Once the request and 8 questions have been submitted, the Founder and Director of Operations will review the information provided, contact the cancer patient, and conduct an interview to validate and confirm all information is accurate.

Final confirmation of the request will take place with answers provided by these questions:

  1. Is the request necessary? How critical is the request (1 lowest – 10 highest)?
  2. Are there other resources, programs, or funding available that have not been utilized?
  3. How urgent is the need?
  4. How large is the request?
  5. Are there estimates or invoices provided?

Once it is approved, financial resources will be provided to the cancer patient. No monetary amount, that is, no checks will be written for cancer patients for any request other than that which meets the above criteria. Final decision is ultimately made by the Founder of Happy to Help Foundation.