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H2H Testimonials

Dear Pete,

I feel like I know you personally heart is so full of love and admiration for your marathon run to raise funds and awareness of this hideous disease. So many people are quick to look the other way, perhaps for lack of knowledge or just not knowing what to say or do. But you've picked up the ball where others have let it lay on the ground.

From me and my family, and on behalf of all other fighters of cancer, THANK YOU!!!!

I pray that Creator continues to bless you and your wonderful family, and I pray your life is full of smiles and sunshine.

With much admiration, and with great love and respect,

Barbara Drifmeyer

I have two disabled children, David and Rebecca, with the same disease - Neurofibromatosis. My daughter is affected more severely in several ways. She has recurring cancer from the neurofibroma tumors for starters. She has had 5 rounds of chemotherapies, several surgeries to both remove cancer and to treat it. She is bipolar and is a teenage girl trying to fit in as much as she can with other girls. All of her treatments have to take place in the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). That place has literally saved both of my children's lives and hers more than once. Her doctors and nurses and social workers are all very supportive, however even with all their help it is very difficult to afford to travel on a monthly basis, sometimes even more back and forth as we live a 3 hour drive away from CHOP. Nonetheless next to having a roof over our heads these medical trips are the most important thing and come first above all else. It breaks my heart though that I have to turn to my daughter and say no we can’t go for ice cream or no you can’t buy those sandals you want or worse, no cable TV for a while because I don’t have the money. And I would never say oh well I have to pay for your trip to Philly and that's why I don't have the money even though it’s true. I would never have her thinking she is a burden because she is not. My kids are what keep me going, they are the laughter and joy of my life.

I was blessed to have gotten in touch with Pete from Happy to Help Foundation (H2H). This foundation helped me pay my bills that have been dragging us down for months. They freed up a little cash for the month so that now I can take the kids to the bazaar next weekend. I can buy my daughter the sandals the other girl had on, I can sit and breathe knowing that our cable and utilities are not going to be shut off and that we will be able to handle the bills because they are caught up thanks to Pete and the LSC Foundation! I can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels to live "somewhat normal" for a little while. Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it. I wish there were more people in the world like the people at H2H Foundation.

If I ever am able in the future to give back to people, it will be these people! Thank you and I hope that you are able to help others as well. So many families are just like me; they don't know how or who to ask for help when they need it so much. I hope that anyone who can support this foundation would.

Remember it is the little things, the smiles, the laughs and hugs, the ice cream, the watching a movie together that make it all worth it! And thanks to H2H Foundation, there will be a lot more of them in my house for a little while! THANK YOU!!!

Debra Paolucci

Pete just to let you know William was registered with the summer camp. He starts tomorrow. Thank you again, our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy to know that angels like you and your organization bring "a ray of light" to families during their "darkness " of their situations. THANK YOU

Jenny Diez, LSCW

Hospice Social Worker

Good Shepard Community Care

Newton, MA

My husband (age 48) is going through his second round of cancer. He was originally diagnosed in 2011 with stage 3 rectal cancer. He went through many treatments, radiation and surgeries and was in remission for a couple of years. He recently found out his cancer has returned he is now at stage 4. He is going through another round of chemo and has had surgery, he is responding well!!

In October, my husband suddenly lost his eye sight. He is now legally blind. He is unable to work due to his illnesses and I recently had to leave my job to take care of him. We now have to worry about how we will pay our bills.

I would like to thank Let's Stop Cancer for taking some of this burden away; they have offered to help us with our rent payment. This means more to us than you know!!

Thank you so much!!

The Fuller Family

My husband Tyler is a GBM patient at Dana Farber, and we were recently rewarded a grant covering one month of our rent. I wanted to write to you to thank you, and the donor, and explain how much this contribution affected our life.

When Ty as diagnosed in February of 2014, he was working full time as a carpenter in Big Sky Montana, and I was just starting my own business as a leather worker. He was looking forward to warm summer weather to begin shoeing horses on his own after a lengthy apprenticeship. We were, and are, hardworking, active people, with a lot of time invested in pursuing goals and making whatever sacrifices were necessary to achieve them.

That all came to a halt on Feb 28th 2014, when Tyler went to get a CAT scan after having migraines for weeks. Before we left the parking lot, we received a panicked phone call from his PCP to return for a MRI- which then revealed a large mass that had clipped a blood vessel, requiring us to be flown, in a blizzard, to a larger city where he could have emergency brain surgery. The tumor appeared to be low grade, so we were shocked when the biopsy revealed a diagnosis of GBM, the most deadly form of brain cancer known.

Since, then, we have driven cross country twice, endured weeks of daily chemo and radiation, 6 months of crashing with relatives and friends during treatment at Dana Farber, and a finally a cross country move to MA to be closer to our wonderful team at DF. This was devastating for Tyler, a 5th generation and Native American Montanan. Through it, he has maintained a positive attitude and a forward gaze. We were married on the June 21st 2014, two weeks after he finished 6 weeks of chemo and radiation.

One of the most disheartening aspects of cancer has been Tyler's inability to work, a huge part of his identity. He continues chemo and has not regained his full strength, putting three years of hard work and learning on hold as he waits to return to his farrier work. Due to seizure activity this summer, he was not able to drive until Dec, so I have been unable to work as well. He does not feel comfortable in his disabled status and looks longingly towards the day he can return to work.

In addition to all this- we gained emergency permanent custody of my two young nieces on Dec. 08. They were left essentially abandoned after the incarceration of their mother for heroin sales, and are an unexpected but wonderful addition to our family. However, we were already barely making it on Ty's small SSDI benefits and do not qualify for state support because the children are from NH and we live in MA.

The generous gift of a month’s rent made a HUGE difference in our lives- helped us recover from Christmas, and gave us a few weeks to figure out our next step. We are so grateful for this donors willingness to share, and would like them to know what an impact it had in our lives.

Thank you so much for all the support, and for investing in our future!!


Libby, Tyler, Serenity and Collina

My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and when I heard the news my heart dropped out of my chest. Without hesitation I left my home in the south and I rushed up north to see about my mother. I've been her caretaker for 4 months now and my husband and I ran into financial difficulties and we fell behind on our mortgage payments. 

My family found out about H2H Foundation and we put in a request for help. There are not many foundations available to help caretakers of cancer patients so my heart was so relieved when we got the news that the foundation would be able to help our family by paying our mortgage for one month. From the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you. You have no idea how much of a blessing this is for me and my family. I pray that this foundation will continue to grow stronger so that you can continue to be a blessing to other families.

May God continue to bless your foundation.

Sophia Brown

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